Laser Light City

A dazzling city-wide interactive light show that can be seen for miles around.

Visitors can change the colour, shape and position of powerful lasers mounted on buildings, bridges and other architectural landmarks. Configurable to fit many budgets from a city-wide takeover to a single site.

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Electric Laser Flares

An eco-friendly and playful alternative to fireworks

As part of our ongoing mission to replace traditional fireworks, this new work uses lasers and LEDs that are just as bright and sparkling as the real thing. It’s interactive, fun, safe, and way better on the environment than traditional chemical-based explosives.

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Laser beams render the arcade game "Lunar Lander" onto a large screen at the Royal Albert Hall

Laser Arcade

Inspired by early arcade games such as Asteroids and Lunar Lander, we now have a small arsenal of laser-rendered stylish vector graphics games that are bright, colourful and playable by multiple audience members at once.

They can be installed on any scale at your outdoor or indoor venue.

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Laser Light Synths

You make the music in this spectacular laser show

This multi-award winning project features custom-made LED emblazoned synthesisers that trigger a multitude of laser beams as you play.

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Lightning Strikes / Lightning Catchers

Electrifying display with sparks, arcs and lightning

A large-scale laser project that recreates various electrical effects. It works particularly well on historic buildings.

Winner of the International Laser Display Association Award 2018

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The original interactive digital fireworks show

Computer generated fireworks are projected onto a 20m wide screen using state of the art projectors and lasers. Each firework is set off by members of the audience using motion sensors.

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