Electric Laser Flares

Electric Laser Flares is the latest in a series of digital interactive firework projects, and this iteration is more spectacular than ever before. Seamlessly combining custom made LED light sticks and powerful lasers, we’ve now reached the point where we have matched the brightness of traditional black-powder fireworks.

Our first test outing was at Spectra Aberdeen and it proved to be a highly popular installation, with crowds lining up throughout the duration of the festival. The final version of the project will feature many more types of fireworks and up to 26 light sticks.

Development was paused to focus on Laser Light City during the pandemic but is now back in production to be ready for Summer/Autumn 2022. We can offer two versions – one that uses the light sticks, and one that has phone interaction.

The light stick version requires a single building with close access at a ground floor level, and will be a looping show with music. Whereas the phone version can be installed on larger buildings and controlled from further away.

For more information about whether this could work at your event, please get in touch.