Lightning News

Thousands enjoy Lightning Catchers in Leeds

Lightning Catchers finally got its first large scale outing as a flagship event as part of Light Night Leeds this year. This project is an interactive version of the popular Lightning Strikes installation and it encourages you to get right up close to the action and “catch” bolts of lightning with custom-made LED light sticks.

The sticks are tracked using a complex system of infra-red cameras so the computers know exactly where it is at any time. Once contact is detected the light stick sparks to life with hundreds of super bright LEDs that simulate electrical arcs.

Nine powerful lasers were used to project onto the surface of Leeds Civic Hall; it’s actually the most lasers we’ve ever used for a projection project and we are the first to have used the side wall as well as the impressive front fa├žade.

It’s a dramatic and fun project that can completely transform a public space. If you’re interested in booking this project for your event please get in touch.